Welcome to FF

Currently I do not use this website much, but my email continues to be active. If you want to follow me currently check one of the following places:


What is this efef thing? Well, it should have been FF, but I was too slow, so that was taken once I wanted to seize my first digital property.

Now Then, what is FF then. Well, the main semantic content of FF is Financielt Forumd (Financial Forum), a gymnasium (high school) mini society. Before FF died out (we scattered, found new friends and interests etc), we managed to make a digital impression on the world. Originally hosted on my personal home page at the university, now it has moved to a permanent home, see the link in the left menu.

My current pet project

I am playing with drupal to build the infra structure for iamdreaming.org a community for people with dreams. So if you have a desire to work with your dreams, sharing them and try to realise them, please pay me a visit and read more on the about link on the site. I am dreaming needs volonteers to submit dreams, blog about them and comment and get inspired by eachother.

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